Video Opportunities video is your go-to source for tips, tricks, wisdom, and inspiration from American Entrepreneurs and thought-leaders like Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Warren Buffet and more.

How I Did It

America’s most dynamic founders share their secrets for success, inspiration and insights. Guests discuss acrucial moment in the company’s past that helped them triumph and overcome hardship.

Inc. Founders Project

Inc.’s year-long anniversary initiative connecting 40 early stage founders at a crossroads in their business to 40 seasoned entrepreneurs. Inc. Founders Project Video includes a series of micro-seasons that follows featured mentor/mentee pairings.

Up Next

The UP NEXT series will focus on important future facing companies that are specifically taking on the big problems of the world. Inc. gains access into the companies, see their process and learn about how these founders are trying to make real impact in the world.

Secret Weapon

What does Elon Musk do to manage his schedule? What does Jeff Bezos do to stay motivated? What’s Barbara Corcoran’s best productivity tip? Inc. delivers the best advice from the most successful people.

My Greatest Hire

Founders discuss the one person they have hired who has been instrumental to the company’s growth. How they found that person? What qualities they were looking for? What made them a valuable asset to the company?

How I Pitched It

Founders recount their best, worst, and weirdest experiences while pitching their startups, and what they learned from it.

Peak Performance

Athletes, actors, astronauts, entertainers, and experts in their fields – advice from those who have climbed their way to the top.

Surge Cities

Inc. visits the booming smaller cities that are seducing people away from typical metropolises to discover what makes them so enticing to today’s most exciting founders and companies. Part travel series, part profile of entrepreneurs.

Female Founders

Female leaders inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles along their professional journeys – including, in some cases, how they broke through the glass ceiling.

Brain Hacks

A neuroscientist explains various behavioral and psychological factors that impact our performance in the workplace and how you can improve yourself.

Tips from the Tank

Inc.’s resident Shark Tank experts break down the best and worst pitches from the show, and what you can learn from them for your next pitch meeting.


A visual listicle series offering entrepreneurial tips on the most pressing challenges.